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DeMar DeRozan 2016 All-Star Reading Challenge for kids

DeMar DeRozan launched First Book Canada's third annual All-Star Reading Challenge, announcing the 10 titles chosen for this year's event.
More than 3,000 of these books will be delivered to 10 fifth grade classes at 10 "high needs" schools in the Greater Toronto Area, according to First Book Canada, an organization that aims to deliver new books to children in need.
Promoting literacy and supporting our youth is very important to DeMar because he personally benefited from a strong support team when he was growing up and saw first-hand the difference it can makes. DeRozan launched the All-Star Reading Challenge, “From Compton to the World” promoting literacy motivating this generation of kids to read.

Our Programs

Literacy & Education Program

In a culture that has largely turned children off to reading, our commitment to improving literacy through reading aloud, book clubs, poetry writing classes and more, fosters appreciation for the written word and the power of the imagination!

Health & Athletics Program

As part of promoting healthy eating habits among our youth, this program is designed to help change eating habits that may reduce the risks for diabetes, obesity and other shirt term and chronic health problems in our community.
Our organized sports leagues and activities (basketball, flag football, and soccer) teach the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship, providing engaging, positive alternatives to watching television, hanging out on the street, taking drugs, joining a gang and other negative, risky activities.

Food, Shelter & Clothing Program

This program welcomes our youth, families and community members to benefit from and support community events and civic engagement opportunities throughout the year. We help provide food, clothing and shelter for underprivileged members of the communities we serve.


Read Debo the Giraffe now!

Please give what you can and help make a difference for children around the world.

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