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About us

Our Mission.

Our mission is to support and encourage inner city kids to turn their dreams into reality through our educational and nutritional programs. We believe that it is vitally important for our children to understand that furthering their education leads to success.
Every kid deserves a good start and preparation is key. Our goal is to provide after school homework support in a safe, caring environment, offer nutritious foods for underprivileged kids and their families, unite kids together with read-a-thons and sports activities, encourage positive attitudes, change negative mindsets and break self-destructive cycles. Our team leaders, community leaders and professional athletes work together in teaching our kids the essential life principles of integrity, discipline, teamwork, anti-bullying, setting goals, acquiring strong work ethics, using positive communication skills, and establishing moral values.

About our Founder

DeMar DeRozan

Demar DeRozan was born and raised in Compton, CA. As a boy he had big dreams of playing professional basketball. With hard work, discipline and education he made it from the inner city streets of Compton to being one of the top players in the NBA. Now his passion is to help inspire the next generation of kids across the world through the DeRozan Foundation to DREAM BIG.
Demar DeRozan is not only an NBA All Star, on the court he is a bigger superstar when it comes to helping inner-city youth. The DeRozan Foundation mission is to encourage the next generation. Turning dreams into reality, through education and literacy programs for kids. Demar believes it is vitally important for children to understand the importance of furthering their education. Every kid deserves a good start, DeRozan read-a-thons and sports activities encourage positive mindsets and attitudes, teaching children essential life principals of integrity, discipline and team work, helping kids from Compton to the world.

About our President

Percy Miller

Percy Miller is an entrepreneurial business man and philanthropist. He has built numerous foundations and helped inner-city youth across the country for decades. In addition to donating millions of dollars, he has dedicated his life to helping underprivileged kids and families in the community. As President of the DeRozan Foundation, he shares his passion by teaching at-risk youth the importance of education and dreaming big. Mr. Miller has known Demar DeRozan since his youth and together their vision can inspire the next generation to dream big.

Please give what you can and help make a difference for children around the world.

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